We’re often told that America must import millions of foreign computer programmers, gardeners, farm workers, hotel maids, cab drivers, nannies, and so on because those are “jobs Americans won’t do.”  This is a lie; they are “jobs Americans won’t do as cheaply as the foreign workers with whom employers would like to replace them.”

Aside from that big lie, however, another aspect of mass immigration that’s ignored by the mainstream media and our politicians is the negative impact of so many immigrants coming in at once.  Their large numbers make it difficult to assimilate them, and the push to make immigration as fast and easy as possible makes it difficult to filter out those who will cause problems.  That, combined with our refusal to deport most illegal aliens even when they are in custody after being arrested for other crimes, leaves us stuck with large numbers of foreigners in our midst who are criminals, drug dealers, welfare cheats, terrorists, drunk drivers, child abusers, and other devotees of “jobs most Americans won’t do.”  This blog will attempt to chronicle these and show why “immigration reform” as it’s currently being discussed will only make them worse.

We’re not talking about all immigrants here, of course.  Many are fine people, and it’s unfortunate that the bad apples, brought in by our elites for the sake of cheap labor and propping up big government, may give them a bad name.  They would be better off if we used sensible immigration restrictions to get this situation under control before the damage to our economy and our culture becomes bad enough to cause a backlash that could hurt all immigrants.


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